Yndeleau Relax

Relaxation session, live from our sailboat Yndeleau. We are in lock-down, in Le Marin, Martinique. Our sailing-the-world trip has changed drastically since the virus started spreading, and we decided to make the best of it. That’s why we record these relaxation sessions, to help you find calmth and happiness and these turbulent and confusing times. This too shall pass, let’s just hang in there and keep calm.

A little background

These are special times. How are you doing, what are you feeling? You could be feeling:
– sad
– anxious
– irritated
– annoyed
That’s okay! What we are going through is unknown and unprecidented. Not being able to actually do something, feeling helpless, that’s really HARD. How to deal with these feelings? All of these emotions are okay. It’s normal to feel abnormal. It’s okay, you’re okay. Instead of blocking these emotions, or ignoring them, it’s best to just feel them, acknowledge them and then… let them go. It will help you to feel better sooner. That’s why relaxation/yoga/meditation makes people happier and calmer. That’s why I became a yoga teacher. I’d like to help out in a way that I can, hence this idea. I’ll be doing some very simple exercises (no need to move around), no previous experience needed. I’ll be sharing some background info as well, so you’ll learn some theoretical stuff as well.