Sweaty palms… left and turned back around
January 19, 2020

Well hi there! Our first official blog post from sea, aka our message in a bottle to you.

This morning, we woke up very relaxed. We had never been so chill before a passage, let alone this BIG passage! Sun’s out, lovely weather, only some small tours to do, tidy up and get some fresh baguettes and the national flag of Barbados. Around 12, we felt more than ready and untided the lines while waving to all the people that had no idea what we were up to. We just made them our imaginary farewell crowd. After 5 minutes , just outside of the marina, Jurre heart a strange beep. It came from the engine room. Oh my. One look on the newly installed temperature sensor already showed the problem: the engine was over 100C and therefore the newly installed alarm went off. Both were functioning correctly, so that’s something at least. We turned around immediately, hearts racing, and docked again. Now what?! πŸ™

After cooling our engine and ourselves a bit down, Jurre went on an investigation. He recently installed a new thermostat, together with the alarm and sensor, and it was clear that the problem was located somewhere around this new installation. I’m really impressed by Jurre’s improved problem-solving skills. Before, he would be more stressed and losing himself a bit in the problem. He’s now much more calm and confident. Ánd he’s also a very experienced engineer by now…

In about 3 hours, the problem was solved. Big thanks you to SY Puff for their support! It was my task to assist with the temperature checks, running the engine and finally: cleaning out the bilge, my favourite task, which I’ve only done about 387462 times since we have our Yndeleau. I have improved my way of working as well: use the oil extractor to start, and finish off by using a diaper on a stick. Email me if your oil extractor ever breaks down; I now know a million ways to get it working again.

Soooo we threw away the newly produced garbage and left again. We didn’t wave this time…

The boys from Aboard Belafonte shared with us that it brings bad luck to leave on a Friday. Well, nothing we couldn’t fix, fortunately, but it took our ultra chill mode away and made us extra focused. Maybe we needed that πŸ˜‰ We felt more than ever: one does not simply cross an ocean!


Ps. Regarding the sweaty palms: we both experienced such an adrenaline rush! That’s crazy and beautiful, how your body preps you for an emergency situation. It did however, painfully confront us with the fact that our next shower will be in three weeks! We have some simple washing systems aboard, but nothing g beats a real shower πŸ˜‰

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  1. Gwen

    Trots op jullie!! Zwaai jullie uit vanaf hier!! Xxxx

  2. noud

    goede en veilige reis

  3. Sy puff

    Blij dat het probleem opgelost werd. Goeie vaart en tot … x

  4. Mascha

    Veilige reis en genieten ook vooral

  5. Jane

    Oeps, well done, and stay saveπŸ˜…πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

  6. Ingrid Steneker

    Have a save trip and good luckπŸ‘πŸ€β›΅οΈ

  7. Steven

    Happy horizons and a safe crossing

  8. Charlotte

    Wat fijn dat jullie ook nu nog berichten kunnen sturen! πŸ˜ƒ
    Goede overtocht samen! Succes! 😘

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