No wind: frustrating or relaxed?
January 21, 2020

Moving from right to left. Everything in the boat moves with the motion of the sea. The sails are flapping and when Suus wakes up we drop the mainsail. There is no wind and with no pressure in the sail, ir is making many noises and bangs from left to right. We have a “bulletalie” (best sail word ever) that stops the boom from moving but the sail itself slams from left to right. Not good for our mood, and especially creates more wear and tear to sail, boom and mast. After an hour we are not even moving anymore. The current is moving us 0.7 knots in the right direction. The discussion wether to motor or not is quickly concluded in an unanimous no. The waves are ok ish. And we do not see a option to motor for a couple or hours to find the wind. The wind is gone in a large area. We will sit it out.

The weather is great and we have to set up our sun blocker. We have made a squared textile with elastic bands which we can hang up where we like. It works perfect and we can relaxt a bit. A weird feeling since we are not moving but it is working… we do relax. Unfortunately Suus her migraine is not gone yet, after breakfast she dives in bed for some hours.

Just 30 minutes ago the wind picked up a bit and we hoisted the main. We are. Moving with 3 knots which is still really slow but with pressure in both sails we are rolling a lot less. The gives are good and it is beautiful here!

Suus is now showering with a bucket on the deck and I will follow her lead after posting this blog.

We are sailing again! The speeds already goes up to 4 knots while I am finishing this writing!

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  1. Ad de Korte

    Erg gaaf om jullie zo te volgen je kunt mooi het windwak zien waar jullie langs zeilen / drijven
    Hebben jullie nog contact met zeilers die nu ook aan het oversteken zijn?

  2. Kjeld

    Ik geniet enorm van jullie verhalen. Hele fijne en veilige oversteek gewenst!!

  3. Jacques

    Mooie verhalen, ik geniet ervan. Fair winds from now on.

  4. Eppo Beereboom

    Heerlijk om jullie verhaal te lezen, bijna het gevoel an boord te zijn. Jammer dat Suzan migraine heeft en dat dit niet weg wil gaan. Hoop dat zij er gauw van verlost is. Goede vaart en graag lees ik het vervolg.

  5. Hans

    Mooie verhalen, leuk geschreven! Migraine van Suus een beetje beter?

    PS: Bulletalie = Preventer.

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