Did we really catch a mahi mahi? Here’s the proof!
February 4, 2020
Here's our biggest catch so far! The 80cm long mahi mahi, that we, unfortunately, had to give back to the ocean. We named him Frits. As you can see, he was already looking a bit sad due to his parasite infection (read more about that story on our Live Location page).

3 interesting facts: 1. Jur caught this fish with his handmade lure, using parts of a shiny bag of crisps as attractive material. 2. The , well... interesting belt that Jur is wearing, really is helpful! The wheeling in of the fish is quite a battle, it takes about 45min. With this belt, you can position and held the rod more comfortable. And 3. Suus did the actual 'pull the fish aboard'-action. That's an intense moment, because the fish can still get away, you're confronted with it's size and you are so very aware and thankful for this animal that will feed us.

After this catch, we haven't fished anymore. We needed a small break to process the situation. We might throw out a line again today. We're so much more confronted with eating meat/fish, we are much more conscious and redefine how and what we eat.

Day 17 has just started. Less than 900Nm to go! Wind is picking up and we are making good progress. Let's go!

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  1. Annemarie

    Wauw Jurre, dit is wel een heel geweldige foto. Eet ze.
    Ik verwacht over 1,5 week ook wel zo’n maaltje. Ha ha

  2. Stefan

    Top foto! 🙂

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