Jurre & Suzanne. Jur & Suus. J & S. That’s us! J took S sailing on our first date. During that first date, J shared his dream to sail the world one day. S fell in love with both J and that dream. So… here we are, some years later. We’re engaged, and while planning the wedding, we realized: this is the moment to make our sailing dream come true. Last May, we bought our Yndeleau, a 44ft steel Van de Stadt. We’re refitting her and getting her ready for our trip around the world!
Jurre Witte
Chief Captain Mr Maintenance
Jurre sailed before he could walk. He always dreamed of sailing around the world – solo (that’s not happening ;)). He’s very skilled and learns everyday about our boat and how to perform maintenance and improvements. From electrics to engine, from paint to plastics… he reads, watches and experiments until he gets things right. His energy is endless, and I (S) feel very safe with him. Has to learn to take breaks every now and then. Bonus: is a great chef! Expect some nice meals & recipes in the future on our channels!
Suzanne Legtenberg
Chief First Mate Mrs Digital
Suzanne has been on the water since she was a child as well. But never sailed before meeting Jurre. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are her watersports, but she is quickly learning how to sail and getting all her diplomas. She’s resourceful which comes in handy when J needs a creative idea in the maintenance projects. S will keep our digital presence up and running, to ensure friends, family and followers know what we’re up to! Not such a great chef, but will share J’s cooking secrets with the outside world.
Our Yndeleau
Van de Stadt, 44ft
44 feet (about 13.5m). 18 tons. 2 bedrooms (but we can create more beds 😴). 2 toilets. 1 mast. A lot of places to sit, so come have a drink with us!