Sailing Yacht Yndeleau

Finally sailing the world after a big HUGE refit!
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Finally set sail!

Imagine yourself being 30. Engaged, yay <3! Planning your wedding, saving up to realize that dreamwedding. And then… one evening, sitting on the sofa with your love, you started discussing that long-lasting dream of buyin a sailboat and sailing the world. It never seemed possible, but now, with the wedding-savings-mindset in place, it might just be…

So we postphoned the wedding, started looking for boats, bought an awesome (but quite a handfull of work) 44ft Van de Stadt and refitted her from top to bottom. And now, finally, we set sails and are heading South!


How did we do so far?

We haven’t got a change to got bored yet… some stats to show you our 💪


Nautical Miles


Refit hours

Good stories

So we aim to tell you some good stories about the stuff that we run into while we travel. Enjoy our blogs, and provide us with feedback if you like!

Rondje om de boot

Rondje om de boot

Ik duik het water in. Het is tijd voor beweging en op de boot vinden we niet genoeg ruimte om oms eens echt even goed in het zweet te werken. 20 rondjes om de boot zwemmen is ons idee vandaag. Suus zwemt net voor me, terwijl ik weer de ankerketting passeer. Het waait...

Movie time!

Have you seen this historic video already? It was our first YouTube upload, and we kinda like to look back on how things were.. enjoy!